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Shower Thoughts Development's first feature game is a new take on the traditional sliding maze game. Use the power of science to guide your silver ball through a series of perplexing puzzles. Change the magnetic pull of the room to send the ball rolling that direction, but the ball can't be moved again until it has hit a wall and come to a stop. To be successful, you'll need to navigate through obstacles that can change the ball's course and use the ball to activate switches, move blocks, fix wire circuits, and more. And for an extra challenge, try completing each level in the least amount of moves possible.

Features Include:

  • 100+ Challenging Levels
  • Large Variety of Puzzle Mechanics
  • Left/Right-handed Swipe and Tap Input Options
  • Feature-Complete Orientation Settings
  • Independently Muteable Music and Sound Effects
  • 3 User-selectable Level Music Tracks
  • Gold Level Buttons for Perfectly Completed Levels

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